2018-04-15 12:30:00

住み込みメンバー募集中!Come live in a traditional public bathhouse!




Looking for a unique Japanese experience?

 (sentō)! Exchange students welcome…

👇English is below


寝泊まりできるお部屋と毎日の食事は用意します!その代わり毎晩の銭湯掃除と不定期な日中の部屋掃除を手伝ってもらいます👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 掃除以外の時間帯は自由時間なのでバイトをしたり学校に行ったり様々。


日本で学校に通う留学生やワーホリで来ている外国人など、過去にも多くの人が殿上湯で一緒に生活をしてきました。「日本語が上手くなりたい!」「銭湯文化に興味がある」「ホームステイしてみたい」そんな方大歓迎です☺︎ もちろん日本人もOK!希望があればお琴のレッスンも。






フランス、ギリシャ、ウクライナ、インドネシア、USA、中国、台湾  など


We at the Denjoyu bathhouse are looking for young people to come live and work with us.


We provide you with a room to stay in and serve you good meals daily. In exchange, we ask you to help us clean the sentō every night. On an irregular basis, we also ask you to help us clean the rooms we rent.


Until today, many foreign people – such as exchange students or people coming to Japan on a working holiday – have lived with us in a warm, traditional atmosphere. Such an experience is ideal if you wish to improve your Japanese, if you are curious about traditional bathhouse culture, or if you want to live with a Japanese family. If you are interested in traditional Japanese music, we can also give you koto lessons.


For more details, please mail us at the following address:  



Friends who have lived with us in the past include people from France, Greece, Ukraine, Indonesia, the USA, China, Taiwan and many